About Us

WagyuWWKG Enterprise Pte Ltd, an importer and distributor of Premium Wagyu and Beef (based in Singapore) is all set and ready to serve you.

We are fully facilitated with chiller rooms, cutting room, cutting/slicing machines, vacuum packing machine and precision weighing scales.

The Brands of Wagyu Beef and Grain Fed Beef we carry are:

  1. HOKKAIDO– A5 and A4 Japanese Wagyu
  2. Jack’s Creek – 450days F2up / F2 Wagyu, 300days F1 Wagyu and 150days HGP Free Black Angus Grain Fed Beef

(1) Prices listed on our online shop is indicative. For accurate pricing, do visit our promotion price list here.
(2) Prices are before GST and not subject to further discounts
(3) For orders $200.00 and above – free delivery within Singapore Island

* delivery schedule : mondays to fridays (working day afternoons only).

– For Shabu Shabu, minimum 1kg per type, in trays of about 500g per tray (Minimum 3 working days notice)
– For Yakiniku, minimum 500g per type, in trays of about 500g per tray (For yakiniku orders total above 2kg, 2 working days notice)

We do not operate on weekends and public holidays. Do allow minimum 1 working day for orders to be processed.